It is very easy to make mistakes! We catch many before the publishing process but inevitably a few errors slip through. We add errors to the list below (Verbatim, in Italics) and have added the correct text or comments. We will work on these in future book updates.


If you spot any further mistakes, please let us know at (Erik Mooi) and we’ll add them to the list below.


Chapter 1

The QR code on P7 no longer works and the Nielsen videos have been removed from YouTube. A short alternative is found on 


Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Chapter 4

the QR on P64 no longer works as the video has been removed. An alternative is


Chapter 5

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Chapter 6

  1. Page 190: "The computation of these effects, as well as a discussion of other technical aspects, lies beyond the scope of this book, but are discussed in the Web Appendix.": Noooooooooo, this is completely wrong as we have inserted a discussion of the two-way ANOVA on pp. 207-209. Happy reading!
  2. Page 191, Table 6.5 bottom: "...are the group variances the same)" Testing variance differences on a single sample? I don't think so! This somehow crept into the text.

Chapter 7

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Chapter 8

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Chapter 9

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Chapter 10

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Page 403: "Predictive validity measures how well one measure predicts the outcome of another when both are meausured at a later point in time." This doesn't only sound awkward but is also wrong since only the criterion variable is measured at a later point in time. This sounds much better: "Predictive validity is the extent to which an instrument predicts the outcome of another variable, measured at a later point in time."