A Concise Guide to Market Research

The Process, Data, and Methods Using IBM SPSS Statistics

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Welcome to the second edition!

Book coverThis accessible, practice-oriented, and compact text provides a hands-on introduction to market research. Using the market research process as a framework, it explains how to collect and describe data and presents the most important and frequently used quantitative analysis techniques, such as ANOVA, regression analysis, factor analysis, and clusteranalysis. The book describes the theoretical choices a market researcher has to make with regard to each technique, discusses how these are converted into actions in IBM SPSS version 22, and how to interpret the output. Each chapter concludes with a case study that illustrates the process using real-world data. Tags in the text allow readers to quickly access Web content with their mobile device.





Features of the 2nd edition:

  • Stronger emphasis on the gathering and analysis of secondary data (e.g., internet and social networking data)
  • New material on data description (e.g., outlier detection and missing value analysis)
  • Improved use of educational elements such as learning objectives, keywords, self-assessment tests, case studies, and much more
  • Streamlined and simplified coverage of the data analysis techniques with more rules-of-thumb
  • Uses IBM SPSS version 22


"The second edition of the market research text by Marko Sarstedt and Erik Mooi is excellent, and includes expanded coverage of relevant topics and the most recent developments in the field, but also continues to execute the concise, non-technical approach that made the first edition so accessible. The real world examples and case studies enhance the chapters but equally important is this new edition includes many mobile tags that enable readers to easily locate additional supplementary material on a variety of topics. I strongly recommend that you consider adding this to your market research resources."

Joe F. Hair, Jr, Kennesaw State University, USA

"This book is my first choice when I introduce applied stats to students. The book covers everything you need (e.g., ANOVA, regression analysis, factor analysis and cluster analysis), is easy to understand and has excellent market research examples, which my student really like."

Christian M. Ringle, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany


"A Concise Guide to Market Research delivers the promise made in the title. Instead of introducing a selection of means for conducting research, such as statistical techniques, the book provides a comprehensive framework to guide the reader from the start of a research project to the end. All the fundamental steps are covered, such as deciding whether market research is required, setting up a research design, collecting and preparing the data for analysis and writing an effective report. The applied perspective taken in the book ensures the framework will help researchers attain their academic or applied information requirements."

Professor Leo Paas, School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing, Massey University, New Zealand

"This well-written book is a welcome and valuable addition to marketing research textbooks. By bridging the gap between theory and execution, Sarstedt and Mooi make quantitative marketing research accessible to both students and practitioners of marketing. I have no doubt that this book will be a valuable resource to anybody interested in a non-technical yet comprehensive introduction to marketing research."

Professor Vishal Kashyap, Institut für Marketing, University of Graz, Austria.

"This book is a perfect and modern combination of the basics and applications of Marketing Research. The relation between theory and how marketing research methods are executed in IBM SPSS Statistics is excellent. This book combines these elements with clear insights in problems and solutions that we often face in using marketing research techniques and methods. It is a must for every student and practitioner in Marketing and Marketing Research."

Professor dr. P.S.H. (Peter) Leeflang, Frank M. Bass Distinguished Professor of Marketing, Department of Marketing, University of Groningen, the Netherlands and Professor of Marketing and Market Research, Aston Business School, Marketing department, University of Aston, the United Kingdom


Reviews of the 1st edition

Marketing Review St. Gallen has published a review of our book in their first issue of 2012 (p. 62). You can download the review (in German) here.

Tobias Schütz (Professor for Marketing and Customer Science, ESB Business School, Reutlingen University) has published a review of our book in International Journal of Market Research (Volume 53, Issue 4, pp. 563-564). You can download the review here.

Please also check out John Hall's site. In addition to a review of our book, he also provides a great ressource for everyone involved in survey research.


Table of contents / Preface / Sample Chapter: Cluster Analysis

Table of Contents


Sample Chapter: Cluster Analysis



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